1st Pennsylvania Volunteer Artillery Battery D  and

The 62nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry


Our Purpose
Our unit strives to preserve and reconstruct the everyday life of military personnel and civilians in the United States during the 1860-1865 time frame. We do this to preserve and honor our American heritage as free people and the sacrifices made by our ancestors.


Who We are
Officially formed and organized on July 4, 2010. We are a family oriented group that enjoys being together and teaching history. Members are located throughout central and western Pa. The group is run by the members, for the members and there is no 1 man in charge or 1 persons agenda/ego deciding what path the group takes.  
Battery D includes men, women, children, and families. Active members of the unit range in age from 10 to 55 years old. The Battery includes both soldiers and civilians. We have Infantry, Artillery, Signal Corp, Medical and many civilian occupations.

Battery D is looking for people that would like to re-live history, enjoy making new friends and at the same time educate the public about the Civil War. 

Click here to see our Recruiting Poster or here for a Membership application

What We Do

Soldiers of the organization and civilian reenactor members portray 19th Century life through active participation in battlefield reenactments, military and civilian encampments, living history events, parades, educational presentations, and other activities. Members provide the public a realistic recreation of military service and camp life during the American Civil War era through use of reproduction equipment including "period correct" uniforms and civilian clothing, musical instruments, tents, and camp furnishings.
We do not glorify war, nor dwell on the politics of that era. We acknowledge the sacrifices of thousands of brave souls, North and South, and hope to bring a greater understanding of those events to ourselves and to the visiting public who attend our reenactments so that they may have a better understanding of where we have come from.